Now Suger’s we are going up market and chic this week for Friends of Suger – Your Style. We welcome to the blog one of my favourite life bloggers Sydney Shop Girl. And no she didn’t accidentally crop her head from ALL her photos, she does that to remain at least a little anonymous in this big old blog world. Now Sydney Shop Girl {or SSG to her friends & readers} is a wannabe mum like me. A lover of classic clothes and styling, like me. She’s like my skinny style sister. And stylish she certainly is. Check it out.

For me, the outfit photos were the easy part – look in a mirror, point and shoot. It’s the two paragraphs decribing my style that are proving a challenge. As I look at my wardrobe, sectioned off according to work / weekend / dressy and ‘not too sure but I’d better hang onto it just in case’, I’m thinking that I have both too many clothes and no one ‘look’. I’ve jumped off the ‘trend of the moment’ merry go round and now make buying decisions based on utility and longevity. I also believe that cost per wear can justify almost anything fashion related.

Where I am right now in terms of fashion is a reflection of where I am as a person. I’m 36 and finally sure of who I am. I’ve put down roots in my career and marriage. I’ve made some dreams and goals a reality, given away the ones that were non starters from the get go and am on a roller coaster ride on my way to that next elusive goal in my life. Along the way, my style has found its stride as well. I’ve learned to accept my body shape and make clothing choices based on what I want and what works for me rather than the models in the magazines. It’s taken a lot of mistakes and a lot of wardrobe space along the way, but I’m finally there.

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