There are only a few things that are frowned upon in my office in terms of the dress code. I like to think that I’ve changed their mind on both of them. The first is colour and the second is sleeveless attire. When I first arrived I was reminded almost weekly of the dress code. I kept making changes and allowances to my wardrobe to ensure it fit as closely as it could. Over time my employers have come to realise that I’m not going to embarrass the company with what I wear so have given me a little more free rein. Even as far as complimenting my large array of coloured and printed blazers!

Office dressing can be a little tricky like that. For example if we are hosting a large corporate Auction day, nothing short of heels, a suit, collared shirt and tidy pulled back hair would do. Working in the back office on a submission, flats and a more casual dress is okay. With a varied job like mine there can be flexibility as long as you are open to being told sometimes that what you’re wearing doesn’t fit the office idea.

So see how you go, maybe ask the person in charge of such things. Or like they say, sometimes it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission… Haha. Rebel.

plus size spots and stripes colourful outfit-3 plus size spots and stripes colourful outfit-9 plus size spots and stripes colourful outfit-2 plus size spots and stripes colourful outfit-4

Top – Lily & Lou for Best & Less
Belt – From another dress
Between the Lines Skirt – Virtu {birthday present!}
Shoes – Target {gifted}


plus size spots and stripes colourful outfit-5

What constitutes pushing the boundaries at your office?

p.s. You might notice these photos I’m laughing a lot. I couldn’t help it. I’m standing in front of some pretty wonky graffiti. The swear word invitation to suck my… errr, never mind, variety. The funniest part was hubby kept saying, move to your right {or left} this word or that word is showing. It was ridiculous. We were both laughing so hard I’m surprised ALL the photos aren’t blurry. So there you go. You can’t keep a good outfit down. Ha.

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