{Weight Watchers provided me with 6 months membership to their Unlimited program for editorial consideration as per my disclosure policy}

When I started Weight Watchers a month ago I was determined that this would be IT. I would once and for all make a move towards loosing all the weight that I no longer wish to carry. Not sure I ever did, but that’s beside the point. In conjunction with the gym this was going to be it. I was committed! It turns out, I was sort of committed. I was committed when it suited me. I did what I wanted the rest of the time.

Do you know that for 2 out of 5 weeks I drank in excess of 100 points worth of booze? Oh you didn’t? Well I did. Once at the races, and once at a memorial hockey game. It takes a pretty committed person to drink that much, let me tell YOU. But it’s just not very good for the whole weight loss thing. Each week I tell myself, lay off the booze drunkie. And mostly I do. Until I don’t and the only one to blame is me.

I also offered to buy a friend’s kitchen scales about 4 weeks ago and am yet to pick them up.

And then there are the times when my sister got sick so I just didn’t go to the gym.

Or when my new shoes gave me a blister so I skipped that session.

Or I’d planned to make breakfast muffins but ate McMuffins instead.

Or when all I wanted in the world was a decent cupcake and couldn’t get one so I ate the house down instead.

Sometimes I wonder about the seriousness of my pact to myself. Sure things are moving in the right direction. Sure I feel good. But the emotional roller-coaster {and I know I am not alone on this} is a big one. Committed, not. Committed. NOT. committed…. nooooooot. I’m more committed than not though. Perhaps that’s the secret to winning this game. Being committed more often than not. Being able to recoup and start again. Brush off, stand back up and get back on that gosh darn horse.

So I missed weigh in last night because of this dread super flu type thing I picked up late Sunday evening. But I’m back on that horse. Aiming for a 2kg loss next Monday {one per week} and determined to meet my commitments at the gym, eat clean and lay off the freaking booze. I am determined to be more prepared and to cook more often this week. To know my portion sizes and to pick up the scales and get weighing. It’s time to reaffirm that commitment and hit that first 10kg target. It’s go time baby.

3.7kg lost to date. Weighing in with shoes on. Now. 

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