There is something pretty darn horrendous about 4.30am. Even setting the alarm for 4.35am doesn’t make it any better. Throw in a bad night sleep and it’s about as bad as it gets. You know, first world problems wise. And if like me you’re a sad excuse for a morning person then all you will probably get around all day complaining about it. The phrase soooooo early will probably escape your lips at various intervals throughout the day.

You will obviously make excellent company.

It will be your first day in Sydney for goodness knows how long and it will be wonderful. With a side order of sooooooo tired. You will shop. Be surprised by friends you haven’t seen in a while. Make new friends and be amazed by how comfortable it is. All in all it will go well.

And in the back of your head you will curse the 4.30am start. Because that’s what you do when life is good and there nothing of real consequence to worry about. I’m grateful for that. Grateful that the biggest concern I have today is that I woke up early, to fly interstate, to hang out with like minded people and eat loads of not very good for me food.

Life’s good people. And now, I’m off to bed. Here’s some photos.

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