Something that people talk about a lot when you post photos of yourself and give you opinion on the internet is your level of self-confidence. For me, it’s always been something that came from the value I was told I had when I was a child. I got lucky. Hit the lottery of parenting that meant I was okay with me for the majority of my life. Even when I was going through the darkest days I could project a confidence that sooner or later won out over whatever I was feeling. When Naomi from Seven Cherubs asked about my level of confidence earlier this year, I responded with HIGH, bordering on up myself. Not that it doesn’t waver sometimes. But overall, I would describe myself as confident.

So what’s this got to do with anything, you might say?

Whoop-dee-do for you Suger, you might also say!

Smart ass.

But this is about you guys. You asked and now I’m going to deliver.

Starting the 1st of November I’m running a post series.

It’s about you

It’s about confidence.

It’s about being yourself.

And I think you guys are going to love it.

Watch this space. Heck, even subscribe for updates {use the sidebar buttons for your preferred method}. Do what you want but be here bright and early on the 1st of November for our first ever post series. More details to come. You know, after I figure them out. Joookes. This has been a long time coming and the ProBlogger event on the weekend gave me the kick I needed to just get writing it. So I am. Go me.

November, here we come!

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