Black & White Stripe Tee - Bonds, Black Skirt - Target, Necklace - BigW, Red Kitten Heels - KMart

Alessandria Dress - Virtu {again!}, Black Heels - Emerson for BigW

Black & White Tunic w/ Button detail - Autograph, Leggings - Autograph, Black Heels - Emerson for BigW


White tee - BigW, Black skirt - Autograph, Grey heels - Emerson for BigW, Bag - Guess

Seriously, these days I feel like all I wear is work clothes. At least, they are the only one’s I end up photographed in. Note to self. I MUST put aside some time to show off my casual wardrobe. Coming soon. One skirt 4 ways with the Virtu Naria Skirt. Do you reuse items in your wardrobe for multiple outfits? Or is it a one piece, one look policy.


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