It probably doesn’t seem like it happens very often, but sometimes, I wear pants. Now isn’t that a riveting revelation? I just noticed that of all my work wear and outfit posts, maybe two of my wearing pants. Leggings, yes, but pants, no. Strange isn’t how you get a preference and go for it—day after day skirts and dresses. I feel less dressed up in pants. Even with sky-high heels on, it just feels casual somehow. I dressed down. And the days I wear flats, all bets are off. Expect simple Friday-type behaviour.

I was thinking about it just now, and I blame my parents as you do. Never one to weigh in on our clothes {unless modesty was at risk, eeek!} my Dad would lavish praise on us girls when we were dressed up to go out {usually wearing dresses}. My mother doesn’t mind the odd skirt, but I think the eighties power suit skirt, camisole, and jacket combo did her in a bit. She hardly ever wears dresses. So when she did, she looked so different, special occasion, and lovely! See. For me, dresses and skirts mean praise and loveliness; is it any wonder I prefer them? Kids’ brains are weird sponge-like things, don’t you think!?


But enough of that, down to the nitty-gritty, tell me do you prefer pants or skirts and dresses? 

Blouse – Virtu {You’ve seen it before tucked in, this is it, blousing}, pants – Autograph, sparkle flats – pinched from Danimezza. 
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