It probably doesn’t seem like it happens very often, but some times, I wear pants. Now isn’t that a riveting revelation. I just noticed of all my work wear and outfit posts there is maybe two of my wearing pants. Leggings yes, but pants, no. Strange isn’t it how you get a preference and just go for it.  Day after day after day skirts and dresses. I just feel less dressed up in pants. Even with sky high heels on, it just feels casual somehow. Dressed down. And the days I wear flats, all bets are off. Expect casual Friday type behaviour.

I was thinking about it just now and I blame my parents. As you do. Never one to weigh in on our clothes {unless modesty was at risk, eeek!} my Dad would lavish praise on us girls when we were dressed up to go out {usually wearing dresses}. My mother, she doesn’t mind the odd skirt, but I think the eighties power suit skirt, camisole and jacket combo did her in a bit. She hardly ever wears dresses. So when she did, she looked so different, so special occasion, so lovely! See. For me dresses and skirts mean praise and loveliness, is it any wonder I prefer them? Kids brains are weird sponge like things, don’t you think!?

But enough of that, down to the nitty gritty, tell me do you prefer pants or skirts and dresses? 

edit: Whooops, forgot the outfit information. Blouse – Virtu {You’ve seen it before tucked in, this is it, blousing}, pants – Autograph, sparkle flats – pinched from Danimezza. 
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