No really. What the title said. But normally it would be bat shit crazy, but even MY Facebook page would block it as spam, sweary sweary spam so I PG’ed it. Anyway. Moving on.

There are people you come across in life that no reason can explain their behaviour, you can have all the empathy in the world but when all the cards are on the table it’s a simple matter that they have a screw loose. This can be charming. Some of the best people I know are absolutely unique in their thoughts, ideas and processes. This can also be frustrating and shake your head, ball your fists infuriating.

Some people you wonder how they function like that.

I work in property. I was a property manager for years and met my fair share of unique characters on all sides of the renting fence. People who when confronted with a perfectly normal situation would give you the strangest response. And others who in the strangest of circumstances would be perfectly at home. People are weird and wonderful things.


To be honest I’m not even sure why I’m writing this. I was just sitting at work today and scribbled down people are bat shit crazy on a postit and stuck it in my blogging notebook and here I am. I wonder now do people even use that saying where they are? Does it translate…? Oh well. I guess I’ll know in the morning. Until then I’m happy to share my love, gratitude, frustration and awe inspiring what the heckness when it comes to people with all of you.

And that’s about all I have to say about that. Lucky there’s a real post scheduled for tomorrow. HA.


Thanks to Rah of Rahest.com.au for so perfectly demonstrating the best of the crazy people in the photo above. She’s the funnest friend a girl could ask for. 

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