When I posted this pic a few weeks ago I never could have know what the repercussions would be for me. That I would be called out, publicly labelled as a bad friend. Inconsiderate. Kind of mean. It turned out that my friend, this go to person for me wasn’t talking to me. For one WHOLE week. I was barred. Black listed. Given the boot!

Because apparently Mackay sushi sucks and she wanted some BADLY and this picture, featuring sushi train mayo was just too much for her to bear. Desperate times call for cranky Dani’s apparently. For those playing at home, she forgave me, sooner than the one week deadline. She caved and had to tell me some cool news. HAHA. I win.

But why would I risk it all again by posting this pic here? Risk the wrath of the short people? Well tomorrow, she’s doing a flying visit to Brisbane. And despite this being my third trip to Brisbane since Thursday, how could I resist joining her for lunch?. Her and some others too. Some wonderful lovelies who could either ditch work like I am or something like that. I can’t wait to be able to talk face to face about the upcoming workshop. Chat about recent life developments for some. To give them all a hug. And to set a new record for sushi plates consumed. Phew. Lucky Dani forgave me.

Do your friends forgive easily?

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