These are my top five tips for managing your social media use so you don’t go mental being online;

  • Only open the page if you are finished what you came online to do. Got a post or email to write? Leave the browser shut until it’s done. It’ll save you checking facebook and coming out 5 hours later wondering where the heck your day went.
  • Use an egg timer or alarm to mark browsing/posting/interacting time. If you want to keep to a daily schedule this is a great idea. I set an alarm for half way through my allotted time. This gives you time to reassess and move faster if you’re running out of time.
  • Only use the platforms that appeal to you. And to some degree your readers. I prefer Facebook and Twitter. My readers do too. But because they are my favourites I enjoy the time spent there, it’s not ‘work’.
  • But secure your blog/personal name across all platforms. If you look for me anywhere {I think, there’s probably new stuff that I haven’t found yet} just search for sugercoatit and there I am. If you tag me on Instagram and post it to twitter. There I am in both places. Easy and saves confusion.
  • Walk away. Sometimes you need to log off and leave it be. The world won’t end. People won’t forget you. Time will continue to exist. And it will give you a sanity break. Sometimes in the big old world of social media it can feel a little haves vs have nots. If you start to buy into that conversation, it’s time to log off and get some perspective.
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