Today we had a bit of a moment. This very blog was redirecting most of the fine readers of this blog to random sites where they were collecting clickity click clicks. Stinkers. So short version, I’d kind of been hacked. Except it turns out the culprit was my BadgePlz widget. The one that displays my Instagram photos and has been there for one hundred years. Turns out it was that. If you have one, your site will be doing it too. Even if you don’t think it is, it is. Your browser is just blocking it. So short version is that all is well. You can now click here without fear of ending up somewhere different.

Sorry about the spam links too. That sucks. Maybe you should use Chrome, it’s awesome as far as browsers go and seems to block all that nonsense. Just saying. Do what you want. But if you’re still using Internet Explorer you are missing out on SO much good stuff out there and you don’t even know it. Because it sucks. Sorry. But it does. So download Chrome or Mozilla or Safari today and run for the hills from that stinky old sucker.

And I’ll see you all back here tomorrow morning bright and early for the last post in stripe week!

It’s a goodie.

No, really.

It is.

See you there!

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