I didn’t really plan to stay off, off sugar forever. In fact I was happy just to regulate my intake. Have a treat here or there and be predominately sugar-free. Say 95%. I did a bit of an audit this week and it’s slipped a little. These days I’m sitting at around 70% sugar-free. I’ve been eating a little bit here or there as it takes my fancy and I can feel it. The wanting of it.

Which only means one thing. I’ve had too much. It’s accumulated over time and would you believe that it started with grapes! My downfall was grapes. Seriously, not a double chocolate molten lava cake or anything decadent and awesome. Nope. Grapes. Big fat red grapes. They were so good. I ate loads of them. Day after day and week after week. It became a habit again.

And here I am. Quitting sugar again. I’m sure it won’t be as bad. Or take as long this time around. In fact Sarah Wilson has a new cookbook out so look out for a recipe or two from that. I’m still reading through it all. It’s jam-packed with awesome. Especially for breakfast ideas. I was seriously sick of having the same thing over and over again.

So will you join me? Shall I keep you updated?

Are you still interested? Let me know.

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