Happy Friday Sugers! Are you in love with Friday as much as I am? Lately, I find that when the traditional working weekends it kick starts my blog business and that makes me a very happy girl indeed. Things are going well, just quietly, the start of this financial year saw me roll my social media consultations, blog income and website building all under the one banner. It’s easier to manage, more streamlined and now I can really see what’s going on with stuff. I’m really happy and looking forward to big things for the 2013/2014 financial year.

Exciting times folks! Tax time, you would’ve thought it. Haha.

But enough about that, check out my flouncy weekend wear from the other week {this one got bumped from last Friday}. I picked up thee sneakers for $15 and I’m wearing them with everything right now; skirts, shorts, dresses and jeans. EVERYTHING. On the other end of the spectrum was this ASOS Curve floral skater skirt. It’s a cheap and cheerful little beauty but I haven’t worn it before this day. Too short, too flippy and all that. I’m glad I got a chance to wear it, it was fun and I look forward to doing it again.

Funny how that happens.

But you know what? Sometimes on the weekend you just have to put on a flippy skirt and get out there and let it blow around in the wind, don’t you think? I felt pretty girly and teenager’ ish wearing it. This skirt reminds me of our old school uniform in primary school with the royal blue netball skirt with pleats and velcro. The shorter the better and not to attract boys or flash underwear but because it was the nineties and legs were in. Where does that confidence go?

The confidence to just go for it. My legs, my build, have been the same for the past two decades with slight variations in height and more moderate in the weight department. Where does that confidence of youth go? When was it replaced by a need to hide out and cover-up and stop flipping the flippy skirts? I don’t know when but I’m bringing it back. I’m bringing the flippy skirt confidence back.

Top – Lily & Lou {Best & Less}
Denim Jacket – Autograph {similar’ish}
Necklace – Virtu
Skater Skirt – ASOS Curve
Sneakers – BigW


You wear sneakers with your skirts, right?


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