Not sure where to start when it comes to creating a life you love? It can all seem overwhelming, right? But what if I told you that by taking on these small, everyday habits, you could start to cause a significant shift in your life? You’re in luck because that’s what I’m talking about. Because significant change is tricky, hard to face and can be overwhelming. But when you start creating a life built entirely on how you choose to live, it’s the small things that are in your control.

What it took to change my life wasn’t big, knee-knocking change, it was the small things. Taking small easily actioned steps in my everyday life that improved the quality of my life in a big way. Sure, they may look simple from the outside, but how many of these little things do you let slip through your fingers on a daily basis? How many of them could you start doing today and cause a real change for yourself? Let’s get started because I can’t wait to share them with you.


Drink more water

I know, I know, you’ve heard this one a million times, but that’s because it’s true. Get yourself a giant-ass water bottle and take it everywhere. Make it so big that it’s inconvenient to carry; there’s no way you’ll forget to drink your water then. At your desk, next to your favourite spot on the couch and especially in your car, carry water. Drink water. Hydrate your body fully, and you might just find a lot of those dull headaches and general ugh feelings start to slip away. I come from a long line of water drinkers, we love all things water, soda water, mineral water, flat or sparkling. Sure, some of those options have more salt that you want in them, but find your preferred vehicle of H20 and get drinking.


Stop trusting your memory

I talk a lot about lists on this blog, plans and planners make up the foundation of my life. Why? Because with everything I have going on, there is literally no way that I could remember everything I have to do, every place I have to be and all that comes with having a life. And that’s okay! We aren’t built like that. So, take the weight off your shoulders and write it down. I have a few planners/to-do list type printables on my free resources page. Grab some of those and print them off as a place to start. Believe me, the sooner you stop relying on your memory to save the day, the more space you will have to get stuff done. Write it down, have a plan, free yourself!


Send them packing

There is something to be said for letting go of the people or situations you’re holding onto. This one is hard and takes work, especially if you’ve experienced something unfair, hurtful or negatively life-changing. But start now to do the work. Find a counsellor or get a referral to one if you need to. This could be a conversation you shouldn’t be having with yourself or those close to you who just want to fix it for you. Get the tools to begin to free yourself from whatever it is that is holding you back. And it may not be apparent right now what that is; that’s okay. Start to look, do the work and send those losers packing.


Do one thing you love

You want to create a life you love, right? Live your best life? Well, why not start with doing one thing every day (every week if you’re pushed) that you love to do. Something that if it was incorporated in your routine would bring a smile to your face and that warm glow of success. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. For me, when I was first preparing to leave my job, I started spending more time in my home office, just writing or reading or looking at beautiful things online. Sure, I wasn’t at the point where my dream had come true yet, but being there, feeling so good in those moments, it made it seem close. So close, I could smell it.



Get better sleep

I know you’re busy, you’re up to big, exciting things. But if there is something you could be doing to get better sleep, if not more, then start doing it. Practice habits like leaving your phone on charge in another room while you sleep, get some darkened curtains or take the opportunity for a day nap when it arises. People scoff at the sleep when the baby sleeps thing, but seriously, 30 minutes will recharge you. Also on the resources page is my How to Get Better Sleep eBook I put together for one Confident You challenge (it has a spelling mistake on the cover, this does not reflect the quality of the content, haha). Out of ideas on how to get more or better sleep? Try that.


Face your finances

Lack of funds or worrying over money is something all of us have in common, I think. We’ve all done it, and it sucks the life out of you wondering how you’re going to make ends meet. While I can’t help you solve all your money worries, I do find that it helps to know exactly where I stand financially at any given time. The way I do this, and it may not work for you is to keep a spreadsheet of upcoming/arrived bills. Just having those figures there gives me room to figure out what to do next. Or for some of you, this could mean getting better acquainted with how much money is in your accounts. Or what you actually owe which may be uncomfortable at first. The first time I added up all my credit and store cards (in my early twenties) was a shock! Know your position, get to know how your money comes and goes. Start today and build a relationship with your money.


Say no a lot

A large part of creating your life as you want to live it is not allowing yourself to be dragged with the whims of others. How often do you have time to yourself to work on what matters to you and it gets taken up directly or indirectly by others? One of the best habits I’ve learned is to choose my answers wisely, and if I can’t do it or don’t want to do it, I say no. It takes practice but carving out time for yourself, and your dreams are important. Just like finding the time to do one thing you love, it’s a practice that feeds the shift towards you living life on your own terms. Saying no is something I’ve written about a few times on the blog, this post seems to be a favourite. If you’re struggling, pop over and check it out.


And then, say yes

The best part? When you’ve learned to say no, you get to decide when you will give an enthusiastic yes. This could be running an errand for your partner, grocery shopping for the family or helping a friend with their to-do list. All great things to do, necessary even, but what is left for you? I’ve always said the life I live is about being available for my family. To help my siblings with childcare or fix my parent’s computer issues. All of that makes up how I see my best life being lived. But before I had the space to say yes to those things, I had to learn to say no first. I had to learn to put my needs ahead of theirs, to ask if I could do it later or another day. Learning how to say no, enabled me to set the structure and the boundaries to now be able to say yes.


Embrace yourself

You are you; uniquely and without comparison. It is time to embrace that. As a child and well into my teen years, I wanted to be different somehow. Whether that be how my body looked or the weird way my mind worked. I wanted to make friends easier and fit in with large groups like others around me. But, that wasn’t who I am. As an adult, while I have practised and developed new social skills, it’s still not who I am. I’m a little bit awkward, often overthinking things and should apply a filter a little more often. But now, more than ever, I love who I am. Faults and all. Social challenges and everything. This acceptance followed by being able to embrace who I am changed what I think I’m worthy of, and it will do the same for you. I know that for sure. Be yourself, right? Everyone else is taken.



This is where I leave you, friend, I can’t wait to hear how life changes for you when you start applying these small habits to your daily life. Don’t forget to head over to our resources page and download the Get Better Sleep Guide for free (no sign up even necessary). There are also planners and checklists if you need a way to improve your daily/weekly or monthly planning.


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Small easily actioned habits to improve your life - Suger Coat It

Small easily actioned habits to improve your life - Suger Coat It

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