{this is a mish-mash of review type things. Weight Watchers provided me with the Unlimited program for my editorial consideration. Urban Remedy provided me with a 3 day cleanse for the same purpose, you will hear about THEM below. Refer to my disclosure policy for more information.} 


Since starting Weight Watchers progress has been slow. And it’s not the program, the program makes perfect sense in a lot of ways for me. I can have the things I want, track them, moderate them and live life. The Filling & Healthy days in particular. Eat from a list of whole foods for the day until you’re full and satisfied. Except that more and more I was making choices I wasn’t happy with. More sugar, more processed, more convenience based, low nutritional value foods.

And that’s not what I want for me.

I needed to break the cycle in a major way. Similar to the sugar detox last year. I needed something big to shift the pattern. Give my body the chance to reset, give my mind the chance to refocus. There are not many people out there who will tell you how much focus and attention weight loss takes. Reprogramming your body and mind to health and vitality and away from bingeing, starving and other less smart moves.

Then ping, an email.

Urban Remedy was contacting me regarding their Spring range. Having never considered a cleanse before I asked a few questions about fruit content and any addition of sweeteners and all that sort of stuff. The last thing I wanted to do was exist on 3 days of fruit juices. After speaking with the team I found that the higher the level, the less fruit content and more vegetable.  I took a look at the options online and decided that I’d give the level 2 spring cleanse a go. Here I am.

Day one today and I’m loving it! I have had some broccoli with humus to satisfy a crunch craving but all in all I’m loving it. The juices are great, I haven’t been hungry and when served super icy cold they feel like I’m having a little treat. My favourite so far has to be the lemon and cayenne pepper or maybe even the lunch time juice with spinach, silver-beet and parsley. Surprisingly. No really, THAT ONE. Haha. And the best bit?

I’ve been trolling cookbooks, subscriptions and more for some great recipes. Already I’m planning more healthy, whole foods. Shopping lists. Pinning the heck out of stuff. Already the cleanse is doing what I had hoped it would. It’s just what I needed to reaffirm my commitment. I’m excited to eat well again. To cook for us again. It’s funny how a bit of vegetable juice can turn a person’s whole mindset around. I’ll keep you all posted.

My Weight Watchers tracker has been switched to over to the filling and healthy plan and I’m feeling so much clearer in the head for it. There was something about ProPoints that just made me want to eat up all my points. Sometimes drink them. So I think for me, tracking using the filling and healthy program, is the way to go. Real food, in reasonable proportions, the majority of the time. And I love that about my experience with WW so far, the program really can be designed around me and the current challenges I’m facing or the things I want for myself.

Fit and healthy life goal in progress. And loving it.