I sit quietly and I watch. I watch the people walk past me, some brushing me as they go by and I watch online. I watch the actions and reactions to different things. I consider my choices and watch them come to fruition. For better or for worse those decisions are mine. I love to be quiet. To just sit and watch. You can learn a lot from being quiet my Dad used to always say. As a loud and opinionated child and teen I rarely agreed with him.

It turns out, once again, that Dad was right.

I’m more likely to observe a situation that is new to me before leaping in. A boots and all girl I find myself treading on less toes, finding a common ground with the people around me. Some might say I am editing myself, being a little reserved like this, but I like to think of it as allowing others to be themselves too. I can be quite overpowering. Big body, big voice, big personality… I give people room to be them, and soon enough I get to be me too with much more space than if I exploded me all over them. Wow what a visual THAT is.

So I watch and I notice a shift. I struggle to find my place in this new way of things at first but piece by piece things fall into place. Moment like these there’s a contentment there. I know what I want, I can see a path clearly to there with excitement and focus. As the ideas come to me I take the time to scribble them onto the page. For now they are senseless words. Later they will become something.

The silence works for me. I love to take the time. It used to close in around me. I needed sound, noise in the background to separate me from my thoughts. the louder the better and the more constant, the happier I was. Now more and more I like sitting quietly. With people, with myself and when I have things to do. Who would have thought you’d see the day when…

I highly recommended taking the time to sit quietly. 

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