Worse than most things is a single TV household on a night where the couple in residence both have shows the must watch and only a cheap digital TV thingy without the ability to record. For real. The last thing this couple had that could record is their VCR. We are this couple. We are a single TV household. Once we had a TV in our bedroom. But I got rid of it. For our relationships sake.

So now, instead we improve our relationship by sharing a couch and bickering over who’s turn it is to watch their show. There’s a side order of your show is crap as well. For those playing at home. A constant battle of I’ll trade you one episode of The Voice for half an hour of Swamp People. I’ll give you 2 hours of Pickers for the same time. It’s all fun and games until someone misses Team Joel & Team Keith on The Voice!

Negotiations, that’s marriage for you. Especially in a single TV household. Give a little, take a little, watch Swamp People and have your poor heart breeeeeak a little. I do the cooking, he does the dishes. He does the washing, I do the folding. Neither of us make the bed. It’s a constant pull and push of being smug marrieds.

But sharing is caring right?

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