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MAGGI Just for 2 – a NEW adult range of tasty recipe bases that are right Just for 2.

Welcome back to week three of the sponsored series for Maggi. This week I’m talking the sweet & sticky pork that SO many of you asked about when I shared the photo of all the flavour sachets. The short version is it tastes good. Really good. Such a great meal for those nights at home, when it’s just you two. When wine just isn’t going to help and the only thing you really want to do is lay on the floor and debrief your day like you’re laying on a shrink’s couch… Oh wait. Is that just me? Maybe it is, but I know you’ve all felt like that. And you try and tell me that on those nights you haven’t felt like eating something like this. Right!?

So basically for this recipe you need the Sweet & Sticky Pork sachet, pork, some snow peas and a red capsicum. We ate ours over steamed rice but you could use more vegetables and skip the rice or eat the main dish alone. No problem. Later last week Hubby and I had just arrived home, it was dark and cold and neither of us wanted to cook. A classic take out night. A classic need something fast I’m starving moment.

The packets sitting there staring at us came in handy. Sure we still had to cook but throwing a few things in a pan and rice in the Thermomix hardly counts. Right? So we got the pan heated, fried off the pork and added the vegetables stirring in the sachet as I went. It’s this sticky sweet smell like you would get with great takeout. Mmmm, so wrong but soooo right!? Haha. It smells good. Tastes pretty darn awesome too.

Don’t forget to pop over and enter the giveaway to win a hamper for the two of you. Or one of you, that’s fine too. Just one more week of sharing to go folks, hold onto your hats, it’s meatball time next week. And we ALL know what a fan of meatballs I am. Could these ones be even easier than me easy cook, clean eating baked meatballs? I’m making Hubby cook them, so we’ll see. Next time.


MAGGI Just for 2 – a NEW adult range of tasty recipe bases that are right Just for 2.

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