MAGGI Just for 2 – a NEW adult range of tasty recipe bases that are right Just for 2.


This guy. This guy is the best and today I’m selling my love for him to Maggi in the form of this sponsored series post. Haha. He doesn’t mind. He loves to eat this guy. And it’s not just him, it’s my love for him and my total disregard for the grocery day dinner that make up the basis of this post. You know the one I mean, right? The dinner when after working for the day, then you grocery shop, THEN you have to cook dinner. That dinner. It’s a jerk that dinner. No one wants to cook that dinner. Nobody.

Even a man as wonderful and awesome as Hubby. Even a man who treks around taking outfit photos. Even a man who lets me use him as a test subject in numerous photos every week. And especially a man who deliberately makes cooking dinner look super difficult so he can avoid it more often than not. No one wants to cook that dinner.

And then there’s the MAGGI Just for 2 range. Easy. Tasty. Convenient.

Even if we still paper, rock, scissors for who has to do the actual cooking. All 15 minutes of it. That’s where the simple dinners for two comes in. It’s low fuss and low energy. And this post is pretty similar to the ‘oh why meeeeee’ grocery shop night dinner. Next week, I’m going to share another of the recipe bases. Probably the sticky pork one because people are asking all sorts of questions about it and I’m looking forward to it myself. Next week I will be organised and on time and full of energy. And if I’m not, then meh, that’s what simple dinners are all about. Haha.

Until then, here’s some grocery night piccies. And Hubby, he’s so adorable.

Don’t forget to enter the competition to win a gift hamper! It’s still ooooon.

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MAGGI Just for 2 – a NEW adult range of tasty recipe bases that are right Just for 2.

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