A while ago I mentioned I was cleaning out my wardrobe and a few people mentioned that they would be interested to seeing the items I was getting rid of. I finished the clean up and separated the piles into possibly sell and donate. They were still sitting in the corner of my bedroom when last night I did a bit of shopping in Jess from Too Many Sequins’ closet. I picked up two pairs of shoes and a GHD straightener {that she hadn’t intended selling, haha}. And it reminded me, I was going to set up a shop to sell some items.

So off I went, hey presto blogger blog and there it was. It has even made its first sale by the look for things. So pop on over, check out the posts and if you want more information, just ask. I’ll be adding new items over the coming week or two from the clean out. Then after that, I’ll add items as I decide to move them on.

Shop Suger’s Closet Here.

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