On the Saturday night at Plus Size Fashion Weekend, we finished up a big day with dinner at Grill’d thanks to their sponsor generosity. Thanks Grill’d, you rock! It turns out I had a headache from staring into the glare from the shiny, shiny skyline reflected through the walls of glass in the big ass penthouse. I know, first class first world problem. So I napped while the party got messy and woke up a little better and ready to eat! A comfy but party outfit was called for. So this new top from Crossroads HAD to come along for the party. Obviously.

Lately I feel like my style is evolving into something pretty streamlined, classic. Less likely to be dragged along from here to there. Give me a classic line, a striped piece and some wedges and I’m a happy girl. Sure these items have always made up a pretty large portion of my wardrobe, but now that’s ok with me. I look around the internet and I see woman of all shapes and sizes, wearing all sorts of things. It makes me brave, comfortable to be who I am. I’m so glad I found my feet in this world. It feels like home.

Did you notice the harem pants are back again? Seriously, I LIVE in these things. I wish there were more colours available. I’d love some white or coral ones for at the beach. I’d really  REALLY love some royal blue ones. And maybe a couple more pairs of black ones. They’re so comfortable to wear, but tailored enough to be dressed up and worn out. Case in point, right!?

Top – Crossroads
Bangles – City Chic {Swapped}
Pants – Autograph
Wedges – KMart

{some brand associations apply, please see my disclosure policy}

Photos thanks to Danimezza.

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