Work wear with a splurge of orange sheer today. You know what they say about the cat being away the mouse will play, right? Well our bosses are off at the national conference, so I busted out the colour. A nice break from the monochrome wardrobe we normally adhere to around here.

This sheer orange top {with camisole} is from Crossroads. It’s got a dipped side hemlines which makes it great casual wearing. And tucked in it works as a bright corporate escape. Paired with my ever faithful Moda {Target} skirt and Emerson {BigW} heels. The Emerson heels are falling apart and are currently taped together with double-sided tape until I can get them repaired. Sigh. $30 shoes don’t last as long as they used to.


What would you wear if you’d been in my shoes today?

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