I’m having this sort of crisis when it comes to maintaining my wardrobe. I’m obsessed with the casual cool of the nineties but I love the polished, classic look as well. They feel like parallel universes. I feel like it’s a bit of a clothes identity crisis and I have to decide. I guess I’ll have to. I’m not sure how you would though.


And yes I get that the 90’s thing will pass {again} but it’s the vibe of it I love.


It sort of shows up for me in this outfit, that’s why I mention it. The mash-up of styles. The easy and breezy with the classic. Throw a little humour in and it’s all very me. Hello GEEK jumper. So I battle on with my split personality wardrobe and for now, it works. I’ll keep you posted on whether the two can exist together. Maybe classic and chic can’t exist with my hatred of ironing and lack of hairstyle skills anyway. Meh. We’ll see.

Can I talk for a minute about the weather around here lately? I wore this over the weekend. The same weekend I wore the shirt-dress in this post because it was too hot for anything else. Seriously. My town is like Melbourne at the moment. An itty bitty version, obviously, but it’s like four seasons in one day.


The layering of a sleeveless shirt helped.


Normally I’d wear a cami over the singlet to smooth the buttons out. But it was too hot for that. Same went for the shoes, I tossed up for ages, sneakers or these t-bar sandals. I went with the cooler option because even though the rain was falling and the day was grey, it wasn’t cold-cold either. In the end, it worked out well for the air-conditioned venue we were headed to but if I’d stayed outside for long, the jumper would’ve been ditched. STAT.



Sleeveless Plaid Shirt – Forever 21+
Geek Jumper – ASOS Curve {sold out, try here one only}
Ponte Moto Pants – Harlow Australia {sold out – gifted}
Strappy Flat Sandals – Target Australia {gifted}



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