My family got together last night to exchange gifts, share a meal and generally bask in each others awesomeness before Hubby and I head off to have Christmas with his family. A system we worked out a few years ago that works for us. We have a year on, a year off. It makes the whole where do we go, how do we split the time thing so much easier. It makes the whole thing very zen.

The bonus years are the one’s where we host at our house and we see everyone for Christmas! On the actual day. Win.

Anywaaaaaay. That is what is happening over here. There was much merriment to be had and in true family tradition I was on camera duty so I have some to share in a post later today {too many for this post}. There may even be an elusive shot of my interwebs shy father. Caught in his natural habitat. Haha. And I grabbed some photos of my outfit while my Dad heckled me. My family really are the best. HA.

Dress – Target {2012}
Kimono Jacket – Hope & Harvest {gifted – appears to be sold out online}
Shoes – Big W Australia {not available online}


Not long now folks. Enjoy yourself.

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