More casual outfits, the people said. Show us what you’d wear to the park, to a bbq or to a friend’s house. So your wish is my command folks. Meet me, in a park, on my way from a friend’s house to do the grocery shopping. The worst bout of grocery shopping Hubby and I have EVER done mind you. We were tired and hungry, a horrid combination, and we bought up big. None of it being useful or nutritious at all. Don’t you hate when that happens!? I do. Shop fail.

But anyway.

This t-shirt, harem pants combo is magnificent. Simple and with a few pops of colour from the necklace and shoes it was super stylish too. Plus, is it just me or do these colours just SCREAM summer to you. Sure it’s a few days early, but it’s a very summer combo. I saw these pants in Autograph the other day in a royal blue. I’m thinking I’ll need to keep my eyes peeled for a few pairs in different colours. Add them to my list!

Can we talk about my white nail polish obsession and the fact it has SO obviously spread to my toes now!? We can? Good. I’d seen white polish on a few bloggers. Orly even had a white in the neon polish pack that I reviewed way back when. I couldn’t get past the whole whiteout thing. Surely I’m not the only one who wore white out on my nails in high school? I’m sure I wasn’t.

The short version is that once I tried it, I was OBSESSED. It’s so fresh and fun. So summer and light. It’s been a bit of a b.i.t.c.h. just quietly and I’ve had to repaint a nail or two every few days. My Sally Hansen polish is a GREAT colour. Great consistency and all that. But clearly a top coat is required. It must be me though, the polish on my toes is faring way better. I recommend trying it. White polish is the best.

Top – ASOS Curve
Jersey Plait Necklace – Sequins and Sand {gifted}
Harem Pants – Autograph Fashion {last season}
Ankle Strap Wedges – Emerson for Big W {similar at Target in nude and coral}


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