I found Sarah’s blog A Beach Cottage when it was named as a finalist for the recent Nuffnang Blog Awards. She was in the up and coming blogs as someone to watch. So, being someone who loves to watch someones to watch, over I popped. And instantly I was in love. The photos, the style and the gratitude and love for her life exudes from the page. I instantly knew I’d like Sarah. And when I saw her striped maxi, I figured we’d be friends forever. Or the blogging equivalent at least. Sarah a beautiful lady who does beach side chic with the best of them {with affordable and what I call cheap and cheerful brands}, check it out.

My style is casual…since I moved to the beaches of Sydney, after a huge sea change from London, I found that I needed easy casual easy clothes that suited the climate and my life as a busy mum to three active kiddos…first of all I got it all very wrong…I was used to more and warmer clothes…I had loved scarfs and layering…and I was not used to dressing for sunshine!

Slowly as I got more used to the climate, I incorporated my love of scarfs to easily zooosh up a casual outfit for a bit of chic…and layering to add interest and keep my confident… I love jeans and shorts and am never, really happier, than when wearing a white t-shirt, jeans, a nice scarf, big bag & bangles… Nowadays though, in a Sydney summer, I also adore maxi skirts and cotton dresses…and soft linen shirts to cover up on the beach…oh and there’s normally a wicker basket involved 😉

I am a girl on a clothes budget (I spend way too much of my money on home wares, vintage furniture, shoes & bags) so I like hunt out classic, chic clothes at great everyday prices…I love Emerson, Mix from Coles and can be found at the odd market or two.

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