This week in Friends of Suger – Your Style we are featuring the gorgeous Sarah from Stitching Lyrical. I once saw her post photos of some felt rocket ships she was making for her niece and nephew. I loved them. Loved love them and gushed all over her. But heck, she’s just crafty like that. Sarah’s a tall, lovely ball of crafting energy, I’ve met Sarah just once, we ended up with seats next to each other at a blog meet up {she was late, I was hosting}. The thing about Sarah is that she has a quiet grace and charm about her. Her blog does too. And as you will see, her style does as well.

My style is often pretty slapdash. The composition of my daily outfit is usually the work of five minutes in the morning between hopping out of the shower and cooking my porridge. So because I value my sleep so highly, I try to have things in my cupboard that I’ll be happy to throw on prior to porridge.

Also, something that dictates what I choose to own and wear is that I don’t believe in spending a lot of money on clothes. The most expensive piece of clothing I own did cost $300 but it’s only one piece and then it jumps down to about $80. And from there down to free. Sales and hand-me-downs are my favourites.

And to put the icing on this complex cake of snap decisions, the industry I work in puts a lot of pressure on me to wear just the very right thing. I work in Interior Design and I think there’s an expectation to wear outfits to work every day that are the right balance between creative and dependable and professional/ corporate. At times it’s frightening, but I think I get it right most of the time.

I own and wear what I like, doesn’t matter what season it’s from. My cupboard is full of what I think are winners that I’ll always feel comfy in and will fit most situations in the right combos. The main rule though is whatever I wear must be comfy. Otherwise, it will be handed on down to someone else.

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