I’m going to tell you something and you should try not to laugh. It’s serious business and has wide reaching impacts. Well, not that wide reaching but it sure feels like it. I have a routine. I like it. It works. All is right in the world. I sail through my day being all charming and alert and on top of my game. Life’s good.

And some days I accidentally fall asleep on the couch mid afternoon for almost 2 hours and it all goes to poo {It’s a hard life}. Because we all know what happens when you nap for too long in the afternoons, right? Well you don’t sleep too well. Last night I wandered into bed close to 2am. And even if I don’t sleep too well I still have to either be at the gym by 7.00 or my office by 8.30 the next morning.

Sleep waits for no woman.

So then, come afternoon, usually after a rather too large lunch, I set up camp to work on the laptop on the couch and IT happens again. I doze off, sometimes putting the laptop, teetering on the edge, at great risk. It’s ridiculous. I’m busy, I’ve got things to do, I can’t be napping. But I’m caught in a cycle of being awake too late and then just not making it through the day. I’m starting to think I’m just the laziest person on the planet at the moment.

Does Winter do that to you too?

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