Well hello there. Who can believe it has only been one short week since I announced plans to turn one of our back bedrooms into a giant walk-in robe. not me, that’s for sure. I feel like I’ve been moving at full speed since then. One of the things that I did squish in there was the moving of my clothes from the walk-in robe in our room, to the far back room overlooking our back yard.

It’s a long way away.

I didn’t really think that ALL the way through.

So I moved my gym gear and my pajamas back into our room. Save a nudie dash from one end of the house to the next, you know how it is. So this makes it more practical given that the majority of the time we use our ensuite bathroom instead of the main bath, which is closer to the room. It would all make sense, this bit of a wander through my house if you could see the view. Trees on the back block. The cool breeze that blows through the gully. It’s lovely. I found myself just sitting there the other day. In the quiet.

So there you go. When I get back home, put the last of the stuff away, maybe even throw a new doona on the bed in the corner. you know, pretty it up a bit. Then I’ll grab some more photos and show you all the end result. I’m talking Hubby around to a new wall mirror that I saw at Ikea. It’s all kinds of gorgeous and could fit TWO people in for outfit photos if it had to. You know, essential!

Until then, ladies and gents, meet the robe room.

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