Sometimes in life we get lazy about stuff. We don’t pay this or don’t do our taxes, for say a year or two. Things start to slide and then all of a sudden the house is a mess and nothing is working as well as it could be. Life gets bogged down in the things there are to be done. The too hard basket topples over and spills itself over us. Then it’s time. For a clean up. A clean out. A ticking off of that list like our lives are depending on it.

Because it sort of does.

Our peace of mind does anyway.

Do you find that?

So this weekend we were to work and get our taxes done. Finalises some paperwork to hand Hubby’s business over to a book-keeper and chase up some unpaid invoices. We were cleaning our financial house and in doing so, the office came out looking sparkly clean and we bonded a little. Over our collective grown up’ness. About how successfully we are managing to pull off this thing called life. High five us.

So now we enter a new week, with him off to a major job north of town and me to Melbourne to soak up some ProBlogger goodness.

And for once, we’re READY.

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