Body image and respect for your body doesn’t appear to come easily to humans. Large or small. Tall or short. I’m not sure I have met a person who could say to me that they have treated their body with the reverence and care it deserves for every day of their lives. There’s a pretty large blame game going on out there about whose fault this is, who started it and who’s going to finish it.

I’m going to finish it.

I just decided right now. I’m going to start with me. I will be respectful and kind. I will treat it with the care and concern I haven’t done for my entire life. That’s for sure. A cycle of dis-ordered eating has left my body ravaged with the scars of demons past. Too little. Too much. Always looking for something that was outside of myself, hurting the most precious gift I have. It’s something I regret. Almost daily as I wind back the clock.

Perhaps you’re in the same boat?

Your issue might be big or small. It may be that you cannot outwardly see the scars of disrespect. For you, it’s hidden. It’s a battle waged inside, more privately than the one I’ve faced. Publicly. I see it everywhere, in conversations with all women. An underlying dissatisfaction. An unrest. The biggest battles I’ve faced is within myself. Harsh words, unkind thoughts, crime and punishment.

And I’m going to finish it.

I think I start by being kind and reverent, whatever my body’s current state. 

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