Sometimes I like to take a moment and remember why I blog. For what reason. To what end. Why? I ponder the opportunities that have been presented to me. The brand events, the conferences, the lunches. The friends, the amazing jaw dropping stuff, the trolls. Every now and again I think you have to sit back, take stock and be grateful. It wasn’t that long ago that my little blog had its first ever follower. It’s first 100 page views. It’s first event invitation. I’ll always be grateful for those firsts.

Lately I’ve been trying to figure out where to from here. I’m loving the fashion posts. I miss randomly rambling sometimes but they never seem to come when they are called upon. I love to write. I love to shop. I love to share my weight loss and fitness journey with you guys. The funny part is I’d imagined something else entirely for this space, for me, by now. I think it had something to do with world domination or something. But it has faded a little for me.

I’m not sure I want to pay the price required. I’m not sure I want this place to be somewhere for haters to live. That appears to be the trade-off. I love the audience I have. I’m not keen on throwing open the doors to a bunch of people who just don’t get what it’s about. Or get me. Or who aren’t as generous with me as you guys are. No matter how cool world domination would be. And we all know, it would be pretty darn cool.

So I think about why I blog and for me it comes down to this. I blog to express myself in whatever means that comes. It used to be collages and quotes. Then it became musings and stories. And lately it’s been fashion and a life explored. I like to be able to explore my life, to question my thoughts, ideas and experiences. To process and to plan. My blog is my place to do that. Come what may. The experiences are a means to do that. So is the content. It’s completely about me and life, doing its thing. And that’s my why.

What’s your why?


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