Welcome back to the THIRTEENTH instalment of the Steal Her Style series. Wow. To be honest I’d never really intended to keep running them for this long but the suggestions kept following in and I couldn’t help myself. If you have more suggestions I’d love to hear them. Even though I’m pretty much sorted until the end of the year if there’s someone you’re DESPERATE to see, I might bump them up the list.

A few people have asked now why, if I am featuring International fashion bloggers am I not featuring Australian bloggers. Just to clarify it’s for the sole reason that I would hate to include one but not the others. A lot of these ladies are my friends and I would hate anyone to feel left out. So instead I’m going to run a post or two featuring the women of the Aussie Curves challenges. Probably in two parts {Aussies and Kiwis} starting next week. Now to this week’s featured woman, Reah Norman; blogger, stylist, awesome.

Reah came onto my radar via the ladies who attended Full Figured Fashion Week in New York. She reminds me a little of Liv actually. Same fun style and the hair obviously. Ms Norman works as a stylist for some of the biggest plus size retailers out there and her work is always fresh and fun. But it’s her personal style that we are celebrating today, on trend and from a range of retailers this style is a must see. So let’s get to it!


I used fun, fresh and on trend in the original description and as you check out the collage I know that’s the feeling you’ll be left with as well. The fact that Reah’s style contains a fair few monochrome with pops of colour outfits and some stripes made me a fan immediately. Look for layers, textures and colours. Especially colours.

For those looking to recreate this look you will want to do your homework on what the new season trends are. Find them and then incorporate them into your look with personality. Anyone can buy on trend items but do that and retain your sense of style takes practice. But it’s worth the practice, I think. I know for me the incorporation of trends is a challenge every season. Accept it and enjoy developing your style, I think.




1. Check Smock Dress 2. Lace Overlay Dress 3. Slim Fit High Waisted Jeans
4. Leather Look Dungaree Dress 5. Boyfriend Jeans 6. Textured Blazer
7. Navy Chevron Dress 8. Heart Print Peg Pants
9. Navy Skater Skirt 10. Stripe Wrap Blouse 11. Denim Blazer

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