Heya Sugers. Welcome to this week’s Friends of Suger – Your Style guest poster, Rachel from Redcliffe Style. I first met Rachel after she came along to the Jade Buddha. Rachel had been active of on the Suger Coat It facebook page for a while before that and it felt like meeting up with an old friend. Since then we also had lunch with some Redcliffe bloggers. Bubbly, colourful and bright as her beautifully styled outfits, Rachel is as lovely as her blog suggests. Locals should definitely check it out for local offers and deals.

I am so excited to write a Friends-of-Suger style post. My name is Rachel and I my blog is Redcliffe Style. When I first started working I work in a law firm. I was totally inspired by LA Law. I would put on a fresh Country Road suit with a Country Road business shirt, a pair of patent black Jane Debster heels and pearls everyday. My costume was perfect.

Then came pregnancy and motherhood. My costume no longer fit and wasn’t right for motherhood. I was completely lost, so I went to Susan and created a new wardrobe. This was my ‘mum’ costume. It consisted of denim skirts, brown cargo pants, pink singlets and sandals which may or may not have been Colorados. Nice and practical, I could whip out the boob, wipe up baby spew and chasing screaming toddlers through shopping centres (not all at the same time).

Then it was time to discover me, time to drop the costumes and find out what I liked and what worked for me. This was hard. It turns out I am lazy, I will not iron anything. I am also not good at folding washing, so my clothes needed to be able to take care of themselves. Enter my current style. I completely dress for comfort. I like fashion but I won’t wear something if I think I’ll spend anytime pulling at it, or wondering if my bum looks big. I guess I would describe my current stay as 90% relaxed with 10% glam and colour.

I love:

1. Layering, I would wear two singlets, a shift, sweater and still throw on tights and a scarf;
2. I love clothes a little too big. I love floppy loose clothing over fitted dark denim.
3. Accessories, Yes, yes, yes, lots and then throw on a few more. I love glasses, scarves, hats, bags and jewellery
4. Black tights are falling out of my wardrobe. I wear them under most things in winter. I do not however, ever wear them as pants.
5. Heels. Yes, please. Everyday, everywhere. I could happily run a marathon in heels.
6. Colour. I love colour. It makes me happy whenever I wear colour.
7. I wear what I like, not what’s fashionable. I have clothes from 20 years ago that I still wear.

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