Oh my goodness Sugers did my little piece of Queensland turn it on this weekend. We had been planning to camp as a celebration of my brother’s birthday for months. The ongoing rain and mad weather made it look like a long shot. We booked it in anyway and come Friday the skies were clear, the days were bathed in golden sunshine and the evenings with just a tiny amount of cool crispness.

So we went.

And let me tell you, where else but Queensland indeed!

I love my little piece of the world. I’m reminded every time I meet international travellers here. I’m reminded when I dip my toe into cool water. I’m reminded as the sand runs through my toes. It’s beautiful, so beautiful. Everything this beach baby could ask for. Renew my soul. I came home Sunday afternoon with a head full of ideas and excited to see what’s next. It’s like my heart needs the beach.

And pretty pictures.

And my family.

Especially the kids, they really are the best.

And fresh air.

And sunshine.



If I could teleport you all here for a weekend, I would. Would you come?



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