When I left you after the last ProBlogger: The Early Days post, I was just arriving at the first conference day Friday morning in my black and white stripe bodycon finery. We took our seats and the day was underway with a roster of speakers each challenging us to find our dream, to nut it out, take the actions required to achieve it and then enjoy the heck out of it. Well, I don’t mind it I do!

There’s something about being told that you should have what you want, all your dreams and ambitions. It’s powerful and such a strong motivator. Like you can finally take the foot off the brake and slam it down on the GO pedal. It made me want to write. More and more everyday. It made me want to create bigger, bolder, fresher outfits and content. It made me want to have the opportunity to go full-time in my blog.

If I had to declare one dream for myself right here, right now it would be that. Let’s see how it works out, shall we? So the conference went on, the ideas got bigger, the speakers added their bit, conversations with other bloggers added theirs. I’m a big fan of the ProBlogger events. A big, big fan. I can’t wait to fill out that survey form and give them all my feedback. I have LOTS. As usual. Haha.

Friday Night Networking Event.

With a dress code of dressy with a dash of tropical I was expecting dozens of floral crowns, flower leis and tropical prints. What I found was a ridiculously cool mix of prints, styles, creative options and more. Trust blogger’s to interpret a theme and go for it. I had picked up this white dress during a closet sale on Facebook and knew as soon as it arrived it would be perfect for the event. Add some bronzer and a floral scarf and I was all set.

I really wish I had a fruit headpiece/hat like some of the guys there. Super cool. And

Now about the party itself. Oh. My. Goodness. Locals you can rest assured Tourism and Events Queensland did us proud. They put on one heck of a party. Seriously. There were wandering characters, ladies on stilts, dancing-girls {with the giant feathered headdresses} and some lifeguard street performers. FUN! Then there was a photo booth, a snake and eagle handling area {Yup!} and even a station to crush grapes.

Pluuuuus a well stocked bar, lots of roving food platters {I was pretty hungry though when I left. That could just be me getting distracted by all the awesome} and a beautiful setting with a terrifying pool. Add to all that awesome bloggers. Lots and lots of bloggers and it was pretty much this girl’s idea of a perfect night. Even if I KNEW Saturday’s sessions would be a little difficult every single moment was worth it.

Jacket – Autograph Fashion
Dress – A.B.S. by Allen Schwartz
Boots – Bare Foot Tess
Scarf – Virtu {borrowed from Dani}
Ring – Wild Bling {borrowed from Dani}
Necklace –  Collette {borrowed from Dani}


Come Saturday morning there was little I could do to hide the lack of sleep, extensive amounts of wine consumed and fun had. Ouch. I looked at the outfit I’d planned to wear and just wasn’t feeling it. I dug around my clothes for a little while and decided I’d throw on a maxi I’d bought to wear to the beach. Add a top knot, layer on some chambray {which comes in ridiculously handy, seriously who would have thought it?} and some wedges to make it look official. I’d later swap for flats. It was actually one of my favourite outfits of the weekend. Casual, comfortable and fresh. And luckily a mid morning nap, some great food from the venue and lots of water had me bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the remainder of the afternoon.

Maxi Dress – Big W {old stock}
Chambray Button Up – 17 Sundays {gifted}
Necklace – Sportsgirl {old stock}
Ankle Strap Wedges – Target {gifted}


What’s your dream? Is it a blog one? One for your family or friends? I’d love it if you’d share it with us. 


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