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OMG team, it’s here. The new look book from 17 Sundays. I don’t know if the sneak peeks have been driving you as crazy as they have me, but the the AW 2015 look book from 17 Sundays is here! I popped into the studio while I was in Melbourne for a look and I know you guys are going to love this new range. I cannot wait to get my grabby little hands on it. But enough about me…

Introducing PRETTY | VACANT by 17 Sundays.

And now a few words I cut and paste from the release because I was in SUCH a hurry to share. The comments in brackets are mine. But you’ll probably have guessed that. Well, you will when you read it is what I mean.

17 sundays PRETTY VACANT 2

17 Sundays designer Claire Primrose (Queen of the Girl Gang or that’s what I like to call her) expresses her thoughts on creating the perfect synergy required to tell the story of a crazy weekend in a cheap (but cheerful! It has banana’s, that’s a win.) motel room.

“Sophie (can I have her hair now please?) has a deep understanding of fashion imagery and knows exactly what is required to communicate the visual language we need to tell the story of the season. She brings a soft, sexiness to a hard edged collection and the chemistry is perfect (hear hear!).”

“We have been looking forward to the opportunity of working with Lily Cummings (sigh, legendary, I die) for over a year. The experience of working with a high end fashion photographer and true creative on this shoot was one of the highlights of our brand journey so far.”

17 sundays PRETTY VACANT 3

Select styles are on the website now. Happy shopping folks.

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