When I announced the winners of the Blackmores give-away last week, I mentioned that I had my fingers crossed for Amanda after her heartfelt comment and then, she won. Yay! Magic. Scarlet said good to see you are using your powers for good. And I thought, yes, yes I am. I don’t mind using my magical wishes for other people.

I got the power.

But you see I have this other evil power that I have had to repress since high school. Since early high school at least. You see I was the worst of the worst when it came to remembering little bits of information and using them against you. The worst of the worst. Luckily I discovered that my elephant memory was just as effective for good rather than evil. I’m a double threat, at least.

I wish I could burn people with my eyeballs.

Freeze stuff with my hands.

I wish I could zap people with my mind.

I also wish for the power to bring about world peace. Of COURSE.

And kick ass magic hair wouldn’t hurt either…

Do you have magic powers? Or just wish you did?

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