Ahhhh what a weekend. I went and did it again, didn’t I? A poor neglected blog with no content, not a word. A vacant space with nothing to show for itself. Whoops. So why poor Kelvy in the title? Well my dear husband type person would be reasonable in thinking that if this blogger was for once pried away from her blog that he might get a little more attention. A little time one on one in this new year.

Fair enough. Reasonable enough. Except no. Whoops.

Unfortunately {for him, me too, of course} I’ve just been a little head up my own ass. There’s no better way to say it to be honest. I want to sleep and read, to sit quietly and ponder things. I want to be alone for a while. Not always, of course, this isn’t one of those posts. My husband, my Kelvy, is still my dude 100 percent. But I’m going through a recharge phase, I think.

Do you ever get like that? Need some space? Are you lucky enough to get it?

I love to sit, laze around and stare off into the distance making plans in my head, coming up with ideas. I had a six-hour round trip to my cousin’s engagement party Friday night and every moment was spent thinking up things. Sure there was some loud and bad singing {as it should be on a road trip, of sorts} but mostly I just continued to think through my plans for the coming year. How do I take the ideas I have now and turn them into something real. Something tangible. Something that exists.

It’s exciting. I’m so happy that I can take this time, the space to ponder and no one feels neglected or ripped off. I learnt a while ago, from someone much wiser than I, that if I want people to be okay with me not being there, I have to make sure when I’m there they get the full force of me. All of me and more, so soon the space is a welcome relief for them. Haha. It’s hard work for a blogger to remember sometimes. There’s so much to distract us.

But if you take the time, love the people around you up, then retreat into the glorious, wonder that is your own company magical things will happen. That’s been my experience. A clear mind, without thoughts of  what else you should be doing is a pretty darn wonderful thing. Just careful you don’t fall into the trap that I did a couple of times this weekend though and spend the day napping and watching movies… Because then you might just have to repeat the whole day again.

Whoops. Oh well. 😉

How was your weekend my friends? Were you busy or were you pondering like me? 

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