Before the world caved in and I succumbed to the man flu there was this evening when I got dressed up and we went to dinner with some of Hubby’s clients. I have this weird thing about client dinners, it sort of rubs me the wrong way with all the housewifey connotations and weirdness. You know, the show off the little woman thing? Ick.

Anywaaaaay. This dinner was nothing like that. It was lots of fun in fact. We bonded over wood fire pizza ovens, property development, jewels and fast cars. They even offered to share their pretty amazing looking dinner with me. That’s a win. I totally didn’t. Promise. We drank lots of wine and everyone was in awe of the biggest, flounciest peplum known to mankind aka the Hope and Harvest Frill of the Chase top.

A month or two ago I received a message requesting my media kit and other information from the brand, so I popped over to check them out and immediately asked about their black pants {I was very much on the hunt at that time} and mentioned that the white {cream it turns out} peplum would be RIGHT up my alley. So despite being sold out, they took my measurements and made me one! Eeeek. Thanks team.

I mean, come on, that’s SO generous. 

It’s a little fitted on me but I’m okay with that, the weight of the material hugs me every inch of  me and was so warm that I didn’t even take a coat to dinner. I’m also very long in the torso so the peplum sits quite high on me. Worth keeping in mind. And to say it’s a perfect match for this Virtu skirt {from last year, sorry ladies} is an understatement. I was the queen of flounce and flourish.

I called this look polished winter floral because it really is such an easy to wear but polished look. Easily replicated and could be done with a bun, darker eye shadows etc and really be glammed up. Which was my plan originally but meh, I didn’t feel like it. Sometimes keeping it simple is just what you need to set the tone for an evening.

Now for a bit of grumbling! Obviously I was already getting sick, let’s ignore the puffy eyes and generally blah look on my face, yes? And can you believe I tripped and scuffed the pointed end of these shoes? Damn it. My life is OVER. Well, their life unless I can somehow rescue them. I wonder if mascara would work? Or that spray they paint bald men’s heads with that looks like hair? Must save them.

The Frill of the Chase Top – Hope & Harvest {gifted}
Pencil Skirt – Virtu {gifted – 2012}
Heels – Woman by Morrissey for BigW



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