From leggings to jeans and a few in-between  This week I’m bringing to you the loved or loathed patterned pants. I’m calling it and saying I love them. Some of you saw me in the Autograph post and we like, errr, no thanks. But I’m telling you, it’ll be like coloured denim, you’ll wake up on day soon and be like, I NEED patterned pants. Maybe. So check them out, surprise yourself and maybe take your dull butt shopping. HA.

Autograph patterned pants 2013

Autograph {sizes 14-26}

Autograph, as you know, sponsored a post featuring the patterned pants from the Citrus Pop range {link above}. I said in that post that I love the comfortable fit of these pants and the casual style. This remains 100% true. I never did have elastic added to the cuffs. I like them just as they are. But they aren’t all that Autograph have to offer. They have a brocade print AND a loud blue floral in their jeans and the dusty pink jeggings {on my list to buy!}. A great mixture with something for everyone. A floral is a great way to really give Winter a raspberry. Don’t you think?

Torrid patterned pants 2013

Torrid {sizes 14 – 26}

You have heard me talk about Torrid denim before. I’m a fan and wear the two pairs I own on high rotation. When I first saw these gorgeous floral jeans I wanted them desperately. I missed out. Liv has them though and I cannot wait to sneak into her house at night and steal them… What, after all, are friends for. Ha. Adding to their range though they have some animal print as well. Nice! As always they have kept the same sexy slim fit styling that I love. You will too, try it. Again I say, watch your postage costs here guys, they add up. Maybe split it with a friend.

Virtu patterned pants 2013

Virtu {sizes 12-22}

Virtu was one of the first cabs off the rack in the Australian brands with their patterned pants. The brocade print is my favourite but I love the Aztec print {purple} leggings too. The leggings are a great layering piece and a simple way to dip your toe into patterned pants if you are feeling a little wary. Virtu also offers some of the only straight cut jeans on offer {that I found} for those of you not wanting a slim or skinny leg fit. Although the range is a little darker for my coloured jeans loving heart, I do think these would be a massive add to your Winter wardrobe.

MODA for Target patterned pants 2013

MODA at Target {sizes 16 – 26}

I took a chance looking for an affordable alternative and looked on the Target website. They were on my radar since I am in talks to do a couple of posts for them {FYI}. It turns out they had the three items shown in their range and I was pretty happy with that. After finding the range a little lack-lustre at best recently, I was happy to see them so on trend this coming season. Fingers crossed this continues, I’ll be reporting back next month.


And that’s my quick wrap up from around the web. What do you think, are you a teeny tiny little bit tempted? Next up I’m tossing up virtual shopping for plus size tights OR blazers. So you decide. Tell me which you’d rather see first.

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