This little adventure of mine should have been on the blog ages ago. But you see, I was being a rebel. Rebelling against my self imposed deadlines and schedules and blah blah. It was stupid really, but necessary  Taking some time out gave me the will to write about stuff again. Stuff I want to write about, anyway. So here I am. I’m back and ready to share the awesome that was the Danimezza created and hosted Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia!


I was in Sydney for two things.


This weekend and the gorgeous Amanda Fuller’s 30th birthday. When the weekend finally rolled around I had shopped myself broke, was tired and happy from a week over overindulging and late nights. I was happy. Really, really happy. I think that shows up in these photos. From the first day with the lovely ladies at Benefit Cosmetics in Paddington to the last with a final pancake breakfast. Happy.

Dani will be doing a wrap-up post on her blog this coming week if you want some more information about what happened, the brands involved or the fashion previews we received. For me, I just wanted to let you all know how proud I am of my friend that she created and executed this event which raised over $1,000 for charity and brought some of Australia’s foremost plus size fashion bloggers in the one place. I am so proud. So enjoy the photos, it’s probably one of the longest posts I’ve ever put on this blog.


But these photos tell the story.




plus size embellished top outfit 001


The end.

For more information, you can check out the Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia on the Website or Facebook.

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