I was at my Mum and Dad’s house last night and the title words listed above were stamped on a scrapbooking page. Play. Dream. Laugh. Remember this Day. Doesn’t that just about sum it up. Without getting too woo woo about the whole thing but doesn’t it all come down to that.

Life. That is.

Play because it makes you remember life is a game.
Dream because otherwise you might as well be dead.
Laugh because in the end the good times are what matters.
Remember this day because this day is all we have.

No really.

Who would’ve thought a scrapbooking stamp, with a few simple words could incite such an emotive response. I almost feel like I’ve had a revelation. A window into how simple life really is when you let it. When you get the chance to. Play, dance, laugh and remember the day.

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