Have you ever looked around the gym and noticed all these people carting around little cards with them? Some have iPhones and others, like me, nothing at all. Well I wanted to talk about planning your work outs. How and why to do it. I guess. How to not get bored and to be a tight ass about it and avoid paying anything extra on top of your gym fees. I know a lot of you are looking for inspiration to get the momentum rolling and heck, so am I. So in the spirit of that, in getting us all up and going to the gym, here’s what I learnt from my brother and other smart gym types about planning a workout.

  1. Use the free services at your gym. Most gyms offer you a set up consultation or meeting with a trainer. Some even offer monthly assessments as part of your membership. If you don’t know what’s on offer for you, ASK. Then book all the free services you can and maximise what you’re already paying. I have used this before to get new work out programs written when things are a bit dull. Tell them you’re bored, tell them you want to change it up a little and make it their problem. It’s their job after all.

  2. Know you goals. Do you want to run or have the best muscles in town? Bigger or smaller legs and arms? Exercises are different based on what the end result is. That’s why knowing what you want is important. For me, I wanted muscle tone, improved fitness and to be dropping weight. My program is targeted to large core muscles, weights with sets of repetitions and cardio stops {all. the. time!}. This fulfils on my goal. In the new year the cardio will be getting kicked up a notch as I aim to lose more actual weight.
  3. Know what machines are available. Do you have an idea about what the machines at your gym do? Maybe you’re not even at a gym. It’s time to make yourself aware of everything you have available to you. Maybe there’s a park near your home with those activity stations in them. Anything like that. Get to know what’s out there and start to work some new machines/activities into your programs.
  4. Phone a friend {or in my case, brother}. Do you know any sporty types? Gym bunnies? Health nuts? Call them, ask them, usually they love to talk about it and are glad someone cares. It becomes a bit of an obsession this gym thing so you’re giving them an excuse to talk about something they love to do. Win/Win. Tell them what you’re out to achieve and ask their advice. If you don’t know anyone in person hit the forums, or twitter. You never know where you’ll find an expert hiding.
  5. Keep changing it up. I’m no sure about you but I get bored easily. If I’m doing the same thing over and over I get bored. You know what else, just like you your body gets used to doing what it’s doing. So it requires a little less effort to do it and things start to slow down progress wise. Keep it interesting and make changes to your program every month or so. Or alternate what you’re doing from one day to the next. Variety, after all, is the spice of life.

Obviously there are interwebs full of information out there for planning a work out. Routines and squats and plans. So if you’re not that interested in making something up, get out there and find them. I’m no expert by any stretch. This isn’t a definitive guide, nor is it really anything new. But it’ll be a start. I’ve found a simple Google search works wonders, as does having a board on Pinterest to collate all the information. Just watch out for the over the top thinspiration posts.  But THAT is another days post.

Don’t even get me started.

And now, to the linky. Last week when I asked it you would be interested in sharing YOUR inspiration, motivating or just plain awesome healthy and fitness posts you said heck yes. So here we are. Please link up your post, from this week preferably on any topic health and fitness related {think whole food recipes, fitness, lifestyle changes}. I just have the one rule, it must be empowering! Sure we all need a whinge every now and again but if there’s no happy ending, don’t post it. If I read it and I don’t think it’s suitable, I’ll remove it and let you know why.

Okie dokie. Let’s roll! 

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