OMG. We went to this pizza place {it has a fancier name than that but it escapes me right now} at Rainbow Beach on Sunday night for dinner with a friend. The promise of wood-fired pizza hung in the air. If only I knew they were BYO. It was a drizzly night, humidity hung thick in the air. The only thing thicker would have to have been the scent of fresh ingredients being deliciously baked. One word folks. Yum.

The range of pizzas was pretty darn amazing. Our table ordered four and all were delicious. The crust was amazing, the quality of ingredients obvious. It was good. Short version. And there were main meals, pastas, desserts and more. We pondered that darn menu for so long that it became harder and harder to make our decision. It as very tempting to shout ‘one of each, thanks!’ and be done with it. Restraint was shown.

However that ended when the pizza arrived. Hubby had ordered one called the Popeye. A seafood pizza with fish, scalloped, prawn and calamari amongst other awesome type things. This was THE most amazing thing. Seriously. Delicious. I kind of wish we’d ordered four of those. Haha. No restraint shown at all leaning over and stealing off Hubby’s plate. Luckily he’s the kind of guy who is okay with sharing.

 then, awkward… I totally forgot to take more photos until we were leaving and it was pretty much dark. Whoops. But you know what THAT means? That means I totally get to go back and eat all the yummy things that I didn’t order this time. I get to take a bottle of wine or two and some friends… Anyone keen? Let’s do this thing!

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