Most weekends lately have been jam-packed. This one was no different but sort of different at the same time, you see by lunchtime Sunday we were free as a bird and available to just hang out together. Exciting! So we piled into the car and went a searching for something to do. The short version is that we didn’t find much so we wandered around, had a coffee and complained about having no money left to do anything exciting. Such is life sometimes. Haha.

So that said I was like, well this isn’t going to be a very interesting post…

Shoes, scarf, top all in coral pink. 

Add jeans and sunnies and go. 


What would be the piece of styling advice for this one? Shoooooot.

Got it!

Don’t wear jeans that are a bit snug if you’re driving around might be a good one. Even better if by a bit snug you mean super dooper firm, so firm you wonder how that heck THAT happened and maybe you really did eat too much at last night’s party before realising that you’re pretty sure it’s almost that time of the month and you can bloat 5kg like no ones business. So yeah, maybe sit in your jeans before leaving the house.

Phew. Life altering fashion advice dispensed, moving on.

Peplum Top – Asos Curve
Sunglasses – Big W

Scarf – Virtu {birthday present!}
Jeans – Autograph
Shoes – Torrid


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