This wonderful post from Mrs Recursively just about sums it up for me. A funny and light post about a pretty big issue with a lot of us. Confidence. And how you stand for who you are. No questions. And I really hope that she doesn’t mind me linking to her blog here. Though I checked and it wasn’t listed as private. Anyway. What do you know about confidence?
I know that confidence is; it’s about being happy with who you are. Being okay that others may not always like that and knowing you’ll live if they don’t change their mind. Standing tall when the chips are down. Speaking up when you feel you need to. Walking into a room and looking for the next friends you are going to make. Trusting yourself to make the right decision. Or to pull yourself out of the poo if it wasn’t.
I believe I was one of the children that she refers to in her article. I knew I was loved. Unconditionally. That’s where my confidence started and as I grew I was encourage to trust myself, the decisions I made. I was told I had everything I needed to be a thriving member of this thing we call society. And so, my confidence grew. And I was told to never, ever, ever forget who I was. And for god’s sake if I didn’t know who I was I had better figure it out before someone else decided it was their right to tell me. 
So I ask you again. What is it that defines confidence for you? And where did you find the confidence in your life.   
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