Today’s PG Pearl is one I have taken on lately inside of the training and development program I am doing. It has offered me piece of mind and a world of freedom around going out on a limb to achieve without concern for failing. You know, being a performer in life. Someone out to cause something. Now I know I have your attention. Because one of the things that human beings are mad about is being able to be a performer. An achiever. A super star in their own universe. But there is something that gets in the way. And it is the main thing that human beings are crazy about.

Do you know what it is..?

Human beings are mad about failing. Right? Like cookoo for cocoa pops about it. We do just about anything to miss out on that experience. Often we sell out what it is we really want in life. Who am I kidding. Most of the time we sell out without even making it to the starting line.

In fact… Once I hid out in my house for an entire weekend. I was afraid to do anything. I could not set foot outside, answer my phone, show up online or anything… why? Because someone asked me to do something that I didn’t think I could do and to avoid doing it (especially trying to do it in front of other people) I hid out. I pretended I was away. I lied. So that’s where today’s PG Pearl comes in.

BUT before we get too into this I need you to do something for me. Would you be so kind..? Go on, please. Oh, you will. Great. Thanks. Now, do as I say. Hold out your hand in front of you. Take a long hard look at it. Now answer the following question… 

Do you have a hand? 
Did you answer yes. I hope you did. Yes is the correct answer. Now another question.
Are you your hand?
Did you answer no. Here’s why the answer is no. You are not your hand, right..? You have a hand but you aren’t your hand. Your hand is not you. Got it..? I’m hoping so. Now moving on to another question.
Do you have results?
Did you answer yes? I hope you did. The correct answer is yes. Now for the final question. And I want you to go back to staring at your hand for a moment and answer. 
Are you your results?
Do you see where I am going here? You are not your results. You HAVE results. Yes, definitely. Measurable. Definable. But you are not the results you produce. They are simply the result. Nothing more. Nothing Less. You are you. And. The result is the result. 
Are you still with me on this one? 

So there’s the part when the freedom begins to come into it. When you realise that there is no threat to who you are as a person, as self. There is a freedom to that. You can fail fifty billion times and still be like ‘Hmmm, ok, attempt number fifty billion didn’t work, what’s next’. And with that type of thinking the results you have committed to can’t be to far away. Can you see how there would be power and freedom in that..? Though let’s face it by fifty billion you’d have to do a lot of staring at your hand to separate YOU from your RESULTS.     

And what a world of difference it makes to how you tackle things when there is no personal failure to get over. No angst ridden moment of I’m not good enough/smart enough/pretty enough/fast enough/something or other enough. Just a moment of disappointment that the result was not achieved and in that space creating what was missing. Did you not train hard enough? Were you weak in a certain area? Did the fates simply conspire to keep you from your destiny..? Haha. Create a new plan for fulfilling on the result and move ahead.
Fast, Simple, Beautiful. I hope you like it. 
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