Earlier this week I found myself in Brisbane, waiting. For 6 hours, it turns out. I was prepared though. I had my camera, with new lens fitted and a plan to go for a wander. I dropped off my passenger and was in the city by 6:45am. Strolling through King Edward {I’m sure it was Edward, I’m not certain though} Park by just after 7am.

It turns out you really do have to do a lot more leg work with a 50mm prime lens. But that’s okay I enjoyed it, it was such a beautiful morning. The air is already so crisp and fresh, mmmm Autumn. I walked and took pictures. People stepped around me and smiled. I smiled. We nodded in acknowledgement. People, they are just nicer in the morning apparently.

And coffee tastes better when you’ve been awake since 4am. So my next stop was a cafe. Rain was coming and my bag was heavy. I smiled at a man seated on a park bench and said good morning. He scrunched up his face and said nothing. Clearly my window had closed. The nice had left the building. It was 8:05. Theory confirmed.

The end.


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