I’ve been thinking a lot about the early days. The very beginning. October 29th 2009. That is the date of my very first ever blog post. It’s a bit crap in case you’re wondering. But it does have a few of my favourite photos and quotes in it. I was reading this Kidspot entry post over at Lori’s blog and she was cool enough to mention my blog as one of the first she came across. Suger was huge, she said. I’m assuming she used past tense because she was talking about 2010 but I couldn’t help wonder if maybe I’d peaked too soon..?

In 2010 I was writing some of the best posts I’ve ever written here. Frustrated that no one ever read them. Or if they did, they sure as heck weren’t commenting. In a lot of ways my blog did grow quite quickly in the two and a half years that I’ve blogged. But nothing like those first six months. When blogging was new and I was bright eyed and busting to find my next blog. I think this reading, the searching, made for better content.

These days I’m not even sure where to look to find new blogs. Back in the day it was all about Blog This. I would find and follow ALL the blogs on the list. But they closed so I was looking for somewhere new to do this. And a fellow blogger suggested that I get on Stumble Upon. Well, back on Stumble Upon. I really never did get it.

So I’m accepting the challenge. I’m going to stumble my way to filling my Google Reader with inspiration and ideas. And while I’m here, if there is a post of yours you feel just HAS to be shared with the world? I’d be happy to check it out. Just leave me a link with your comment below.

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